Hybrid App Development

At Affintech, we use a creative blend of native and web app technologies to develop flexible and hybrid cross-platform apps that can efficiently work in various environments. Our experienced developers use high-end technologies to build stunning apps.

Native Android Development

Our experienced mobile app developers use high-end technologies to build stunning and super functional native Android apps aligned with our clients' businesses goals and requirements. We help businesses create a strong presence on all platforms and devices by developing top-notch Android apps.

Native IOS Development

Affintech develops highly exclusive and feature-rich iOS apps to help businesses achieve their objectives fast. Our goal is to design and create next-generation iOS/ iPhone apps that can become a popular medium to connect businesses with their customers.

Our methodology for developing mobile apps

Affintech develops each Android and iPhone app with absolute perfection and unique features while understanding the constant need for design and development process change.

Considering the advancements in technology, our experienced mobile app developers and designers stay updated with the trends and techniques of creating a flawless mobile app. Here’s our mobile app development methodology,

1. Understanding objectives

The first step is a brief meeting with our clients where we understand the business objectives that they are trying to achieve with their mobile app. We discuss the features they want us to include in the app, and that’s when we chip in our ideas and approach to help them understand our development process.

2. Analysis and Research

Analysis and research are fundamental to understanding the targeted customer base of a business that they want to reach out to through their mobile app. Our experienced mobile app developers have the capability to identify a problem and find a solution for it so that they can deliver a beautiful app that can meet the needs of our clients.

3. Mobile App Designing

Designing a mobile app is a crucial step in our methodology because we want to use colors, icons, symbols, layouts, fonts, and patterns that give off a unique expression to the mobile app user. We believe in designing mobile apps with some character and amaze the user, and our UX/ UI experts know how to create an incredible app that is also user-friendly.

4. Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the core step of our methodology where Affintech’s skilled developers get to do their magic and brilliant front-end and back-end development. This is the step where technicalities like coding, API, sprint planning, and app security are involved.

5. Testing & QA

After creating a futuristically designed, fully functional mobile app prototype, we run a few UI tests on it to experience it from a user’s point of view. That is the time when we detect issues and resolve them on spots so that it can save us time later when we present the app to our clients.

6. Launch & Support

Lastly, we launch and deploy our final product to Google Play and Apple Store. But that’s not where we stop as we stay in contact with our clients and provide them with continuous support throughout the process.



We offer extreme flexibility to our clients that show up in the mobile apps we develop instead of working on rigid parameters. Our goal is to increase customer engagement for our clients through the apps we create for them.


At Affintech, we are extremely careful about code stability, and that's why we first create a prototype and run several tests on it before launching it.

Fault Resistant

We create apps that are fault resistant because of the smart coding incorporation and strategic planning we use in the development phase.


Our mobile apps have a very minimalistic design and distinguishing characteristics that make them look super professional and engaging. We use understandable smart codes that help us create beautiful apps.


At Affintech, we are extremely dedicated to optimizing codes for our mobile apps so that our customers can be able to use them on all screen sizes and devices.


We firmly believe that no one wants to use apps that are difficult to operate; that is why our app interface is extremely user-friendly, which our clients can use to interact with their customers.

We utilize Agile Digital Technology to drive more value to your business

Affintech stays updated with emerging technologies to deliver modern digital solutions to all its clients.

  • Swift
  • Java
  • JS
  • C#
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Node JS
  • Xamarin
  • Firebase
  • MySQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Casandra

Why choose Affintech for mobile app development projects?

Affintech is a forward-thinking mobile app development company recognized by several modern businesses globally, serving their needs and offering top-notch solutions at affordable prices. If you are looking for a mobile app development company, here’s why you need to choose us,

Client Satisfaction

Affintech’s main goal is client satisfaction, so we develop the best mobile apps using modern technologies so that your customers can have an immensely fulfilling and engaging user experience. We cater to our clients' needs by offering flexible, optimized, well-designed, and scalable mobile apps.


We at Affintech highly regard your ideas and vision for the mobile apps you want us to develop. And we are very transparent about each process that we do while regularly keeping our clients updated about every small project detail.

Professional Dedicated Developers

Affintech has a very dedicated team of mobile app developers with years of expertise in delivering high-end business solutions to all kinds of businesses using modern frameworks and technologies.

Agile Methodology

Our technical app developers use agile methodology to automate and optimize the processes and deliver possibly the finest results.

Flexible Process

Flexibility during the whole mobile app development process is one of our company’s main traits. Whether it is about the working schedule or 24/7 support, we are always there to help our clients.


Our team at Affintech analyzes our clients’ business requirements and offers them the most affordable yet modern digital solutions.