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Our methodology for developing websites

1. Project Analysis

Our project analysts and developers first focus on the project type and our client’s target audience to develop the best possible web-based solution. We provide customized agile solutions to businesses depending on their niche and objectives and keep all the parties aligned during the process.

2. Front-End Design and Development

Affintech’s web developers closely analyze our clients’ needs and reflect these findings in UI design. We keep strong communication with our clients during the design phase, and if they agree on the look, we move to the front-end coding to give our vision an excellent reality.

3. Back-End Development

Our back-end developers accurately implement the business logic of your website on the back end. We rely on proven frameworks and the expertise of our talented staff to ensure fast and quality coding.

4. Functionality Testing

At Affintech, we don’t compromise on the quality of our work, and we only deliver close to perfect web solutions. That’s why once we are done with the development phase, we run several tests on our developed websites and web apps. And if any issue with coding or design arises, we resolve it to ensure the trouble-free functionality of our web solutions.

5. Launch, Updates, and Continuous Support

After the testing is done and our clients approve the project, we launch it, but we continue providing support to our clients in case they find any difficulty. We launch updates for our well-established DevOps within 1-2 days, and we have a full-fledged launch plan of functional modules every 2-6 weeks.


At Affintech, we realize the opportunities we can avail with the PHP development, so we deliver fast, and feature-rich PHP solutions to our customers encoded with vigorous integrations.


Our Laravel professionals deliver high-performance and secure Laravel development services and web solutions to meet our clients’ business needs and objectives.


We provide flexible, full-spectrum, and reliable Node JS development solutions. Our expert high-end developers ensure the product is agile and customizable according to our clients’ requirements.


Our developers are no different than the millions to realize the potential of JAVA for highly scalable and agile web solutions. So, we fully utilize the ever-evolving technologies of JAVA to offer adaptive and upscale JAVA development solutions to our clients.

Modern UI

Our expert web designers and developers work with the main goal of enhancing customer engagement and lead conversions, so they incorporate modern UI in the creation of web products and services.

Intuitive UX

Our focus is on creating error-free web solutions, and we make that possible by utilizing intuitive UX in all the web projects we take.

Streamline Processes

We believe that streamlining workflows is one of the easiest ways to manage business processes perfectly, so we ensure smooth integration and make it simple for our clients.

Timely Updates

Affintech realizes the importance of technology advancements and timely updates in the web solutions we offer; that’s why we move with the digital trends and keep improving our services.

Brilliant Performance

We create web solutions with 100% fail-proof performance and are extremely rewarding for our clients’ businesses.

Excellent Proven Results

We are determined to maintain our company’s reputation by offering consistent positive results led by our strategic approach, optimized and agile process, and dedicated team effort.