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Our methodology for developing ERPs

1. Requirements gathering

Our experts start with a consultation and get all the necessary information from our clients about their prospects.

2. Process Analysis

Our Analysts find out about the challenges faced by their businesses and this critical analysis helps our experts understand the software requirement of our clients.

3. Integration

Our highly dedicated and qualified team of ERP software developers and business analysts utilize agile technology, develop ERPs and integrate in the system.

4. Migration

Our team assist the integration process, and data migration very carefully.

5. Training

Even after delivering the super dynamic and advanced ERP systems to our clients, we continue to provide constant support and training.

6. Launch & Support

We realize that our ERP systems need constant upgrades because business processes keep modifying with time. So, we constantly upgrade our systems so that our clients can run their businesses smoothly.

Our own ERP software


SACBOOKS is a comprehensive ERP and management software that allows you to manage sales, purchases, inventory, cash & bank, general ledger, and reports – all in one place. Discover all the benefits and secrets of our amazing software.

Our ERP Software Solutions have these features

Tailored ERP Solutions

At Affintech, we offer customized business-specific ERP solutions. Our ERP software developers ensure brilliant workflow automation, tailored module creation, seamless data integration, and solutions modification.

Seamless Organization Management

Our experts deploy and configure our clients’ custom networks, data integrity management, and security throughout their entire organization with zero downtime.

Flawless Data Migrations

We ensure flawless data migration from our clients’ existing ERP platform to a fully-automized ERP environment, using agile technologies and practically proven data migration strategies.

Result-Driven Approach

Affintech is pro clients as they are our family. We blend in our technology-focused creative juices and develop a customized user-centered approach that helps our clients save costs and generate huge profits.

Ready-to-Use ERP Integrated Solutions

Affintech offers ready-to-use ERP integrated solutions that you can connect with your other business systems to ensure zero workflow interruptions and optimized customer service